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Dinner is in the Crockpot

January 21st, 2005 at 11:41 am

Put dinner in the crockpot. We are having lasagna casserole. It is made with elbow macaroni which I have plenty on hand from my y2k storage. Trying to use it up. I am doing something different this time. Instead of pre-cooking the macaroni, I just added it uncooked. I'll keep an eye on it to see if more water is needed. If it works, and I'm sure it will, it will save the cost of cooking it.

I haven't started the cookies yet. I need to wait til the girls r home. Fridays is 1/2 day, so I have to leave in 1 1/2 hours.


January 21st, 2005 at 09:02 am

Planning on baking some oatmeal cookies today with some of the 50 lbs of oat meal that I bought.

Will have to go to town to take dd to walmart to get some shampoo. I took a shower, and when I reached for my shampoo, it was gone. So was the conditioner. Unforunately the girls were at school, so no one was home to bring me them. So dripping wet & dressed immodestly, I left my shower & went upstairs to get my stuff. I decided to charge the girls $.025 for each time they take something without asking.

I have started a chart. I decided the way to disiplin is through the pocket book. $.025 will be charged for each infraction such as talking back, arguing, not immediately doing what I say to do, etc. That way I won't have to get mad or anything. I'll just go to the chart & check it. Of course somethings will be more such as not feeding the dog and not shutting the back door. There are pups in the back room, so if the door isn't shut all the way, the pups can get too cold & get sick. I don't want/need the girls money, so I'll just stick it in a savings account for them. Then when they're grown up, I'll give it to them.

Baking today

January 20th, 2005 at 07:21 pm

Had to take some workbooks for church to town to get copied. I was the closes, 12 miles. Everyone else was 45 miles, so I was elected.

While I was in town, I did some shopping. Got 4 gal of milk for $2.19. I might get 2 more tomorrow. I can freeze the milk for later. I hate paying $3 a gallon and the cow I got milk from is being dried for calfing. I also got 5 doz extra large eggs for $0.75 and bananas for 3 lbs for $0.99. I also bought powder milk to use for cooking. It worked out to be about $1.75 per gallon.

I also decided to make some mixes. So I bought 50 lbs of oat meal for $17.89. So long as we can use it before it goes rancid, I saved $30. My husband just laughed. I bought 50 lbs of high gluten flour for $8.08. It is comparable to bread flour, which is best for yeast type baked goods. At walmart, bread flour was $11 for 10 lbs.

If u r interested in the mixes, here is the link:


Today I am making 4 doz cinnamon rolls. We will use them for breakfast, lunch, & a snack. The recipe called for milk, so I used powder milk. I also used h/m butter from fresh cream.

I bought the walmart brand gallon-sized zip-lock storage bags to freeze the milk & flours. Big mistake. They don't seal, so tomorrow I am returning them.

I bought corn starch in a 5 lb container for my mixes. Unfortunately walmart would have been cheaper by more than $1. Oh well, live & learn. Of course if I would have had a price book, this wouldn't have happened.

Wednesday night dinner

January 19th, 2005 at 04:54 pm

I only had an hour to shower & leave to pick up the girls at school. I had procrastinated to long & now there was no time to cook dinner before we were to leave for church. Then I pick up the bood, "Mix & Match Recipes" by Deborah Taylor-Hough.

I went to the section called Mix & Match Skillet Meal. Under that section, she listed her family's favorite skillet meal called International Sausage Skillet. I called for Italian stewed tomatoes. I didn't have any, so I used a can of crushed tomatoes & just added some Italian seasoning. It also called for a can of French onion soup. I didn't have any of that either, so I just added boulion & dried onions to a cup of water. It tasted fine. I was so excited because I took a frugal recipe & made it even more frugal. I even cooked it in the convection oven. Here is the recipe:

1/2 to 1 lb of Kielbasa, halved lengthwise & sliced thinly
8 oz of dry pasa
1 16 oz can of stewed tomatoes or crushed tomatoes
1 T of Italian seasoning
1 beef boulion cube
1 T dehydrated onions
2 1/2 C of water (I used less & it worked fine)
1/2 to 1 C any kind of cheese (I used mild cheedar)

Dissolve boulion & onions in water. Brown Kielbasa slices in a skillet. Combine all into an 8 X 8 or 9 X 9 pan. Cover & bake at 350 for 1 hour.

I got sucked into Block Buster's free two week movie rental over the internet. I didn't cancel it in time, & now I have to PAY for a whole month. I am never taking a free offer again.

Many frugal tips & tricks.

January 18th, 2005 at 04:54 pm

I decided to post the things that I do on a regular bases. Maybe it could help u too!

1. I switched to decaf coffee. I went from 5 pops a day to just
1 pot. (other than my family, I don't know anyone else who drank
this much)

2. I only make a 1/2 pot at a time to keep it hot and fresh, and then
I transfer it to a thermos to keep it from burning and to not use
the electricity to keep it hot.

3. I reuse the coffee grounds and filter til it can hold no more.

4. I rub soap slivers to a new bar of soap, and I use a suction cup
soap dish so that the soap doesn't sit in water melting it away.
Also it completely dries so I waste less soap.

5. I reuse my dental floss til it can't be used any more (this might
sound gross, but you reuse your toothbrush don't you?)

6. I save my deodorant slivers, and when I have enough, I melt them
in the microwave to make a brand knew one for free.

7. I use generic Listerine which has prevented gum disease to save
my almost lost teeth. It cuts down on dental costs.

8. At one time (I don't do it anymore) I used washable toilet paper
using baby wipes. This might help someone who is really hurting

9. I make my own apple sauce, apple cider, and apple pie filling from
free apples at the gleaner's club.

10. I have a garden, but I only grow green beans, peas, and green
onions. Living in the North, most things don't grow well. We
also have a strawberry patch, blue berries, raspberries, and
rhubarb (love them perennials) Next year, I'm going to plant

11. We hang all our laundry. In the winter, we just hang it in the

12. I save all the buttons from clothes that are worn out, so if I make an outfit (which I usually donĎt) or need to replace a button or buttons, I have some already on hand.

13. I wear my clothes 2 times before washing.

14. My teenage daughters wash the towels. It helps to keep them from
grabbing a clean towel or dish rag every time they donít want to look for one that is already being used..

15. My girls get enough money to totally support their own needs.
It's amazing how long their shoes last now that they pay for
them. This, alone, has saved me a lot of money. If they want to
go to an amusement park or skiing, they can go if they have
enough money. If they want something at walmart, they can have it
if they have enough money. No more, "can I have..."

16. I wash windows and mirrors with newspaper. It never streaks or
leaves lint behind. It's cheaper than even homemade mixes.

17. I mix bleach and water 50/50 and put it in a spray bottle to use
for cleaning toilets and sinks. (Iím going to be trying 25/75 to see if it works)
Because of this, I haven't cleaned a toilet in years. Everything just dissolves off. I
also use it to get stains out of plastic dishes.

18. I buy only black socks of the same kind. For two reasons: they
never get dirty, the longer you wear them the blacker they get (smile) and
when one gets a hole or lost, I have others to match.

19. I only buy dark, printed clothes. That way, any stain is hidden
in the print. Same goes with bed sheets.

20. My little square pillows on my bed came from an old sofa set. I
just put a pillow case on them. They never ever go flat. And
the best bed pillow I have ever had was made by my friend who
used the stuffing she had saved from a sofa that was worn out.

21. I bought 4 night gowns that were clearance sale dresses that were
cheaper than night gowns. (I wish we had spell check)

22. I never buy maps. I just use mapquest.com

23. I rent free videos from the library.

24. I go to amazon.com to find books I want to read, and then buy
them at half.com or rent them from the library.

25. I buy prescription meds from Canada when possible. I also go to the dentist
in Canada. It saved me $400 this last trip.

26. I cook from scratch.

27. We don't have TV.

28. We don't have any extras on our phone.

29. I only have a cell phone because my husband makes me, but I
switched to the family plan, now I can call him for free. My kids don't have one.

30. I only shop with a list. This has saved me hundreds of dollars.

31. I wear my worn out clothes around the house and save the good ones
when I go out, and the best ones for church. When my church dress gets a little
worn, it becomes my town dress. When my town dress becomes to worn or stained, it
becomes my house dress. (Yes, Iím a shabby dresser at home, but my husband lives
in a different state, so it doesnĎt matter. When he moves here, Iíll dress nicer for him)

32. I take our trash to the free dump when we go to town. I also
check out the free things on the "free table". One time I got
an almost new coffee maker and 5 pairs of expensive shoes that
were almost knew.

33. My two girls and I decided we wanted to have our own dogs instead
of a family dog. So we got Boston Terriers to raise. This will
give us about $8,000 per year. This is also where my girls get
their own income to pay for their own stuff, including school
supplies. It's amazing how much you value your pen when you
purchased it your self. Talk about a wonderful stay-at-home job!

34. The only paper product we buy is toilet paper. No paper towels,
napkins, or plates. (we also buy feminine stuff) I did buy plastic spoons for school
lunches, but they (sometimes) get brought home to be washed. I
also buy the cheapest flatware, so when they disappear, it
doesn't hurt so much. I do have a nice set for company though.

35. My living room set is about 11 years old. Iíll get knew ones when
I have no more children and pets at home.

36. We don't celebrate Halloween, so I donĎt have expenses there..

37. I never buy the garbage that school kids are forced to sell, nor
do I let my children sell them.

38. We carpool to school.

39. We use term life insurance, and don't insure the kids.

40. We don't submit small claims to our insurance company. That
would put us at risk of losing our insurance.

41. We don't get traffic tickets. Speeding is not worth a ticket.

42. I buy my husband's cigarettes off the internet. Saves a lot. I know that
quitting is cheaper, but since I can do nothing about it except buy them
cheaper, thatís what I do.

43. We don't buy soda, but If we go to McDonalds for the dollar
menu, we buy a .25 cent soda at walmart.

44. I make my own coffee, and I drink water at restaurants.

45. I only shop once a week.

46. when I shower, I wash my hair first. That way while I'm bathing
the conditioner is on my head. By this and showing every other day,
it saves our septic system.

47. I don't buy bottled water even though ours is not good. Instead
I get it from a friend.

48. I use fabric to wrap gifts. Even if you don't have it on hand
like I do, it is still cheaper then wrapping paper.

49. I don't buy Kleenex unless someone gets a cold. Toilet paper
works just fine.

50. When I need something, I try half.com or ebay first.

51. I buy a years worth of onions, green peppers, and celery when
they are on sale during the summer. I chop and freeze on cookie
sheets and then put in freezer bags.

52. We make our own pizza. We also like bbq chicken & garden ranch pizza.

52. I buy generic when at all possible. Some things I don't because
the quality is bad.

53. I only use a dab of tooth paste.

54. I don't cut my hair or my girls' hair. If it need trimming, we
just get the scissors out.

55. Oh yes, when we picked out our breed of dog, we stayed away from
dogs that needed grooming or have a tendency to bite.

56. I never pay atm charges. I no longer even have an atm card.

57. Thank to my husband being over 55, I now have a free interest
earning checking account that includes free checks.

58. I never have bounced check charges.

59. I never have late fees (most of the time)

60. I try never to pay interest.

61. During the winter, I put hot foods outside before putting them
in the refrigerator.

62. We only use wood heat. It cost about $400 a year to heat our
house. This might seem like a lot, but 3 years ago, we had to
have heat in all months except August. Usually there in only
2 months that we don't need any heat. Sometimes it's only a
small fire to take the chill off.

63. I always use the cheapest way possible to mail things.

64. I don't wash baggies. Instead, I buy 300 cheap bags for $1.00.
I do wash freezer bags though.

65. My dog and cat food dishes are the plastic buckets that our
dishwashing detergent came in.

66. We don't wear shoes in the house. Saves the carpet and prolongs
the life of shoes. (I have tan carpet in the country ugh!)

67. I use the return envelope in junk mail to request that they
remove me from their mailing list. That way they pay for the
postage. We both win. They don't send catalogs to people who
won't buy, and I don't get tempted to buy.

68. I try never to put my self in the hands of high pressured sales
people because I will usually lose.

69. When we went shopping for a new truck, we went before the
insurance proceeds had come in, so we couldn't be pressured to
buy know. Later the salesman called to see when we were coming
in to buy the negotiated (sorry can't spell) truck. I told him I
was still waiting for prices from the internet. He asked what it
would take to get me in today. I told him to reduce the price
$1,000. He did. I bought it. Another time I told the sales
person to give me the best price they could because I was
comparison shopping. They did, and I bought it. Another time,
I bought the bait-and-switch car.

70. I use bag balm (anti-bacterial vasoline kinda stuff) to moisturize the back of my hands.
I use it especially during the winter when the sting because they became to dry. It
works better than hand lotion.

71. I save my pickle juice. I use the juice in potato salad in place of the vinegar, & I use dill
pickles in place of sweet pickles. Also, if I run out of pickles, I just slice a cucumber & put them in the jar of juice. Pickles for free! This only works one time though.

72. I shower with only the night light on. I found that thatís all the light I need. I also keep
the night light on at night in the bathroom. This saves me from spending the money to turn on
the light & prevents me from going blind when a bright comes on. We donít have a window
in this bathroom, so I use it during the day too.

73. I have composting worms.

74. At one time, my girls were having problems with stinky feet when they wore their work boots. This was caused because their boots didn't dry out before wearing them the next time. It didn't seem very frugal to put baking soda in them every day. So, one day, actually the night, before Christmas, I decided to sew a little sachet and fill it with baking soda. I gave it to them for Christmas. They were very excited about it as little girls don't like to have stinky feet. It worked over and over again until they finally grew out of their boots. They put in the sachets into their boots at night, and during the day they let the sachets dry. No more stinky feet at a good cost.

It is my sincere prayer that these hints will help someone who is on a limited income or is in debt. As additional things come to my mind, I will post them. Please contribute your hints so that we can all benefit.

Confessions on blowing it

January 18th, 2005 at 03:48 pm

Last night, I wanted a midnight snack, so I opted for 2 ramen noodles. I looked at the wood stove, but decided I wanted it sooner, so I put it on the regular stove, and then I went online. By the time I remembered it, I had burnt the water. So feeling guilty about wasting the propane, I put another pan of water on the wood stove and added the noodles and then went back online. I had intended to set the timer, but I forgot. By the time I remembered, it was a pot of mush. Gave it to the dog.

I went to town today. Combined all my errands to save on gas. I was gone for a few hours. By the time I passed McDonalds, I was starving, so I couldn't resist. Spent (wasted) $4

Hallelujah pipes are defrosted

January 17th, 2005 at 08:21 pm

Hallelujah! The pipes have finally defrosted & without a plumber!

The girls are still with the neighbors. They all went over to their in-laws to snow sled. So since the girls were not here, I just had fried potatoes & eggs for dinner.

Didn't spend any money today, which is probably the best way to save money.

Oh my gosh, I just went to unplug the heater under the house, & it wasn't even plugged in! Until my girls get home, I won't even know if it was ever plugged in. Oh well, my pipes are unfrozen, & I saved the money on using the portable heater.

Let the dishes in the dishwasher air dry. I also let them soak for one hour after running it for 10 minutes. The dishes get so much cleaner & don't have dried on food since I have been doing this.

Showered with just the night light. I have 2 lights in the bathroom. One over the sink & one next to the shower stall. I'm going to take out the light over the shower as I have found I don't need it.

Up stairs, the hall had 3 lights. My girls keep leaving the light on--ouch! I took our 2 of the lights. Would have taken out all 3, but the one is broken & just turns. How come kids don't turn off the lights until they move out?

The temps are above freezing, so I won't have to drip the plumbing. But I had been saving all the water from the drips to water the dogs & plants, & to soak dirty dishes. I even used it to wash the potatoes & my hands.

Made h/m pudding for the girls lunch this week. I had bought the pudding in bulk in a large bag. Just made up a small batch. We had originally bought it to make h/m ice cream, but we no longer have a cow, so the milk isn't free any more.

Planning to use up all the food in the freezer, hopefully before it gets freezer burn. There is only 3 of us, so I am going to try to get by without it. I think in the long run it will be cheaper for us, even if I can't stock up on sales as much.

Frozen Pipes

January 17th, 2005 at 09:33 am

Pipes still frozen even though the heater has been under the sink since Friday and it was warmer last night and today. Any suggestions?

For Sunday

January 17th, 2005 at 09:31 am

We didn't go to church 44 miles away because the cold water at the kitchen sink is still frozen, and the dog heater is under the house. We found out that the cats had opened up the vent, and that's probably why the pipe froze. My daughter took an old, rusty cookie sheet and nailed it over the vent. Not even a mountain lion can open it!

The girls ate cereal for breakfast, and then we went to a local church only 15 miles away.

For a late afternoon meal, we ate the Garden Ranch Pizza we had originally made for church. When we made it, we doulbled the recipe to eat later this week. Since we already had all the ingredients, the second was was almost free.

Since we ate so late, we didn't eat supper. Instead we ate the ice cream dessert for an evening snack. We also watched the last of the free movies.


January 15th, 2005 at 03:24 pm

Watched videos got free from library.

Used hot water on wood stove to defrost dog's water dish.

Ate h/m pancakes for lunch.

Not spending any today.

Went to store

January 13th, 2005 at 09:59 pm

I wasn't going to spend any money today, but I had to pick up the girls from youth group, so I stopped at walmart & spent $17.
The doubled the price of their chicken to $2. It's probably still a good buy, but I decided not to buy any.

Air dried the dishes in the dishwasher. It worked really well to soak them part way through the wash for an hour, and then restart it.

Kept the upstairs closed off to conserve heat.

Ate pancakes, which I made in bulk stored in the freezer, for lunch and the last of the chicken soup for dinner. I heated the soup on the wood stove.

I'm going to put a big bucket of water on the stove so when I need a little hot water, it is all ready for me.

When I need to get the water hot to hand wash some pots, I collected the cold water to water the plants. I figured since we had already paid to have it heated, even though it was then cold, I might as well use it so it wasn't a total loss.

No spending today

January 13th, 2005 at 11:32 am

Don't need to go anywhere today, so I won't be spending money.

My girls go with the neighbors to their youth group on Thursdays, so she will be bringing the girls home tonight. Their church also provides a meal, so I won't be cooking. I'll just eat the last of the chicken noodle soup. That will make 3 days in a row that I had that. Pretty cheap meal since it was made from a carcass!

Save on sour cream

January 12th, 2005 at 10:40 pm

I diluted my sour cream with a little water to make it creamy. So when we add it to burritos and such, we actually use less. Diluting it gives it the taste and consistency of Taco Bells sour cream.

I resisted the temptation to go to Mc Donalds for an after church snack. Instead we came home and defrosted some h/m burritos, and I add my diluted sour cream. Very yummy.

Spent $21 for gas and $4 for groceries.

Saving Pennies

January 12th, 2005 at 12:15 pm

For lunch today, I am re-heating the chicken noodle soup on the wood stove. We'll also have it for dinner, so I'll heat it on the stove then too.

The electricity went out, so I unplugged the clocks and the stove until I need to use them again.

I am making dinner tonight for a couple at church who just had a baby. They are very pickey eaters. But they did like my BBQ chickent pizza, so I will make that for them. They don't want any sugar desserts, so I will pick up some grapes when I get my girls from school.

Saving on the cost of washing dishes

January 12th, 2005 at 12:12 pm

We normally only run a load of dishes through the disher once a day and sometimes every other day. The problem with this is that the food gets dried on, so will not come clean. When I partially fill the dishwasher, I run it through a rinse cycle to soak the dishes until it's time to wash. It's only a 7 minute cycle.

Well, today we had a power outage in the middle of washing the dishes. Then it dawned on me that instead of putting the dishes through a rinse cycle, I could stop the washer during a regular cycle to let the dishes soak. Since it's hot soapy water, they shouldn't need to soak as long. Then I could restart the washing. This will save me a rinse cycle.

dripping faucets

January 11th, 2005 at 03:32 pm

Tonight I have to drip our faucets because the temps are going to be about -15. I decided to let the dishes sit in the sink after dinner so they can soak in the drips.

Didn't have chicken noodle soup last night because dd wanted grilled cheese sandwhiches and tomatoe soup. She even volunteered to cook!

Tonight we are going to pick up the movies at the library that dd ordered. Whenever she wants to see a movies that the library doesn't carry, she orders it, and they usually get it, especially if it is a new release.

Baking & other tid bits.

January 10th, 2005 at 09:54 am

Today I am going to make h/m pancakes with my fresh milk that went sour. The girls don't like fresh milk after they saw what it looks like when it first comes out from a cow. It really tastes better, and I proved it to them, but they still prefer store milk.

I am told the store milk doesn't sour like fresh milk. Instead is spoils, so it shouldn't be used.

I just got fresh milk last night. I am going to make butter to make chocolate chip cookies using 1/2 the amount of chips that the recipe calls.

Going to hang laundry. I don't really have a choice as we don't have a dryer. We are fortunate that we have some where to hang it inside during the winter.

Burning off the coals in the wood stove instead of dumping them as ashes. This will also increase it's capacity for more wood which we will need as temps are expected to be -10 F this week.

Traded babysitting 1 day a week with neighbor in exchange for her taking the girls to school 5 days a week. This will save me 24 miles a day. She also takes them home on Thursdays.

Spent $16 for gas last night.

Walmart chicken

January 8th, 2005 at 11:13 pm

The deli closes at 8:00 pm at my super walmart. I you go in right after they close, they sell their cooked rotiserie chicken for $1.00. My guess is that it weighs 3 lb. For us, it make 3 meals.


January 8th, 2005 at 10:58 pm

Used the last of the chicken from walmart to make a casserole with leftover rice. Also had homemade cream corn from free corn I got from the gleaners club. Froze the carcus to make soup next week.

Made homemade garden ranch pizza for tomorrow night's supper. We will be invited to dinner (lunch) at a church couple's house, so for dinner for them and us, we will have the pizza.

Didn't go anywhere.

Spent $24 for repairs/winterisinn.

Made 35 yummy burritos

January 8th, 2005 at 01:21 am

I made 35 burritos for the girls' school lunches today from the link I was given to Prairie Homemaker. They were yummy and now are in the freezer.

Had to pay $121.00 for the plumber to unfreeze my pipes. I tried putting a heater under the house, but it didn't work. The plumber said my vents need to be closed off for the winter, and that otherwise it wasn't cold enough to freeze the pipes.

Tomorrow my handyman is coming to close the vents and do some other odd jobs around the house.

I went grocery shopping today. I spent $75 for 2 weeks of food (I hope).

I also spent $100 for non-food items. Most of it on the dogs.

$12.00 4 dog bones
$30.00 dog food (dogs have gas problems so need expensive
$36.00 for new dog heater. Hopefully this one will last.
$36.00 for cat food (the cheap stuff, but we have 5 cats)


Cheap Dinner with Recipe

January 6th, 2005 at 07:12 pm

I made chicken and rice for dinner tonight--still using that $1 chicken I got at Walmart.

2 C. uncooked rice
4 Bouilon cubes
1 t. garlic powder
1 t. onion powder
1-2 C. cubed cooked chicken

I put it all in my rice cooker and let it cook away.

I have to say it will be a little dry unless you add some oil. You can also add 1 C. frozen peas if you want.

For lunch, I had left-over mashed potatoes because I didn't fill like cooking anything.

For breakfast, I just had a jar of home canned pears.

Didn't have to drive to town as my neighbor is taking the children to and from school today and to youth group. In exchange, I am watching her 2 little ones so she can eat out to celebrate her birthday.

power outages

January 5th, 2005 at 12:54 pm

I love those power outages, so long as they're not out too long. I also don't like them when I'm on the computer.

My girls didn't like the homemade burritos, so if anyone is reading this that might have a good recipe of the type that I can freeze, I would really appreciate it.

Pipes are frozen to my bathroom. I have no way to thaw them until my girls and my neighbor get home. They have a heater that I can borrow to put under the house. I pray that the pipes don't bust when I thaw them.

Girls' Lunches Savings

January 4th, 2005 at 01:47 pm

I am in the process of using up all our food stock in cupboards and freezer. I am also determined not to buy processed foods.

So, for the girls lunch next week, I made homemade burritos using hillbillyhousewife.com recipe. Only thing, I didn't have any ground beef, at least that I could find. I was given a 2 lb package of elk meat, but we don't knowingly eat game (at church most people cook with game, so they just don't tell us, and we don't ask). So I decided to use the elk for their burritos and just not tell them. Don't moms do the meanest things.

I also found that I don't have any more canned refried beans, but I do have pinto beans. I used a pressure cooker to boild the beans. They are sitting for one hour to get rid of gas. Then I will rinse them and cook in the pressure cooker, I think for 20 minutes instead of 3 hours. When they're done, I'll make refried beans. This is kinda free food as it is part of my y2k stock. It was dried canned, so it should be good forever, which is about how long it will take to use it all.

After the elk meat cooked, I put it on the wood stove to cook off the excess water. I am simmering it on the wood stove to thicken the spices and cornstarch I used.

So I got 2 weeks worth of burritos for lunches for the cost of spices, which are probably ancient too. I could have bought 10 frozen burritos at walmart for $3.

I still haven't spent any money. I did order those books for $50, but I won't pay til next month, so it doesn't yet count.

The only money I spent was $9 for food and $15 for gas, but the gas doesn't come in til next month too.

I'm trying not to go to the store this week. As long as the dog food last, it should work. I do need some broccoli for Sunday Supper, but I'll see if my neighbor is going to the store, which she does about 4 times a week.

5 movies for $15

January 3rd, 2005 at 06:33 pm

I keep thinking about those $3 movies at walmart. I don't have any needs, but I sure want those movies! I'm really going to try and keep (as much as possible) my no-spend year.

Waste Note

January 3rd, 2005 at 06:32 pm

I made a batch of white rice. Going to use it this week for cereal as I am determined not to buy processed foods.

I made Chicken & Rice Casserole for dinner, still using my Christmas Chicken. I froze the carcass and leg quarters to use as soup. I would have made it tomorrow, but I bought that rotisserie chicken at Walmart, so tomorrow we will have that for dinner.

Today I decided to tackle the refrigerator. I got rid of all the science projects. I found that I had 8 lbs of cheese. One 2 lb block had started to get mold. I cut out the mold and shredded it up with the rest of it. I also had 2 lbs of Jack. I don't know why I bought it as I rarely use it, so I cut it in 4's and put it in the vacuum sealer. Now I'll have plenty of time to decide what to do with it.

I found 3 stalks of celery that were not good for fresh eating, so I chopped them up and froze them for soup. I have 1/2 bell pepper that I debating on cutting up. If it'll last til Sunday, I can use it. I need a fresh one, so it won't work to freeze it.

I was sitting on the couch tonight, and I could feel a draft. I thought it was because the upstairs door was open. Then I remembered the hint to lock all windows to help them seal. I couldn't believe it when I found one slightly ajar.

I'm starting to use my convection part of my microwave/convection
oven. I'm told that it's cheaper to use than a regular oven. It only holds a 9" sq. pan though, so if I'm cooking a large amount, it wouldn't work. Next week I'm going to try and cook cookies on my pizza stone use the convection.


January 2nd, 2005 at 11:13 pm

Took a shower with just the nightlight. Worked just fine. Don't have a bathroom window, so without light, I couldn't see.

Saved the excess pizza dough from New Year's Eve celebration and made bread sticks to go with lazanna (sp). I tried to look up lazanna, but either it doesn't begin with laz, or it's not in my 1961 dictionary which I got free from the dump.

Went to church today and didn't get home until after 11pm, so other than $14 in gas, didn't spend any money. I did put some Christian tracks in the credit card slot at the gas station, so if the next person want gas, he has to take a track!

The girls wanted frosting for their applesauce spice cakes, so I frosted them using homemade frosting.

Frugal day

January 1st, 2005 at 10:09 pm

Went to Walmart today only because I had to pick up dd at a friends. Only spent $6.50. I needed cottage cheese for the lazanna I am making. It was really hard to pass up the $3 movies they have. They are dvd's without the fancey packaging. There were about 5 I wanted to get. I'm addicted to movies! I guess that's another reason why we don't have tv.

I also decided to pick up carrots and cabbage for the chicken noodle soup that I will be making from the chicken bones from that chicken I almost lost. While I was in the store, the deli clerk called me over to her. She asked me if I wanted to buy a whole, cooked rotisserie chicken for $1? I bought the last 2 she had. So, the time to go into a super Walmart is just before the deli closes and see if they have any chicken on sale!

I made applesauce spice cake for the girls' lunch next week. I used the home canned applesauce from free apples that we made a couple of years ago. No one would eat it because we made it without the apple presss, and the texture was just not good. No I have a way to use it up. If the girls don't like it, I will add frosting to it because everything taste good with frosting. Because it is for lunches, I will cut the cake in half long ways to frost the center. That way the cake can go in baggies without making a mess.

I made mock lazanna for dinner for Sunday night. I used elbow mac. because I had an over-abundance. I also used up the hamburger that was on its way to freezer burn. For the sauce, I used 1 can of Hunts spagetti sauce. I also used a quart of home canned, homemade tomato sauce. This sauce has been sitting for 2 seasons because I followed balls suggestion and but 2 tablespoons of lemon juice in it. Big mistake! Everytime I used it, the dish I had made tasted like lemon. Now I have a way to use it up.

I ran out of salt yesterday. Instead of going to the store, I used the pickling salt that I bought a few years ago but never used. So an unwise choice is now being used up. I hate waste.

I made chocolate syrup to go with the ice cream for Sunday night dinner. It was so easy and cheap too. I tastes just like the Hershey's chocolate syrup, but about 1/10 of the cost. I even used it for a glass of chocolate milk tonight. Haven't had chocolate milk in years.

New Years Eve

December 31st, 2004 at 03:28 pm

I guess my neighbor and I have different ideas on shopping. She went to the store and picked up things for a Garden Ranch Pizza that I need to make for Church for tonight. Oh well, I paid with it from an $11 debt that had been repaid to me that I never thought I would get.

For carrots, she bought those individually prepackaged baby carrots. Ugh! Oh well, a few package for the girls' lunch.

For cheese, she bought pegraded.

For the olives, she bought generic. Yeppee!

We are making the pizza dough from scratch.

For the ranch dressing, we are making it also from scratch.

I will be driving 44 miles one-way to church. But aside from the pizza and gas, we will not be spending anymore for New Years Eve celebration. So for entertainment purposes, it's pretty cheap. For religious purposes, it's priceless.

Haven't wasted any other money, although I am tempted to buy a book called A Simple Life, a 12-step process, or something like that.

My girls are going to the neighbor's church for celebration. The cost if $5 to get in plus extra money to buy things. Big waste! But they're paying for it from their own money.

Nice Dinner

December 30th, 2004 at 06:40 pm

Visited a new site call Hillbilly housewife. Has a lot of good recipes that look really good. The recipes include things like making your own white sauce instead of a can of soup. Here's a link http://hillbillyhousewife.com/.

I made a recipe tonight for dinner from that site. It was very yummy. It is called Chicken and Rice Casserole. I didn't add the optional ingredients, but I did sprinkle some cheese on top. I used the chicken that I had almost lost from non-Christmas dinner. I should get at least 2 more dinners out of that chicken. I used homegrown peas and homemade butter that I would have normally not made and lost to spoilage. I also used my convection oven to cook it in. When I made rice for the meal, I made extra so that tomorrow we can have rice cereal for breakfast.

Yesterday, we also attempted to make her Preacher Cookies, but it didn't work. So we add milk and had a nice chocolate ceral for a snack.

Off the Wagon

December 29th, 2004 at 12:24 pm

I spent almost $50 on 4 frugal cookbooks on half.com. I culdn't resist. Cookbooks are one of my addictions.

I quit smoking yesterday. I know, I know! I have been trying to quit for 11 years. I have tried the pill, the patch, and the gum. I became homicidal on the pill, allergic to the patch, and addicted to the gum! Please pray for me that I will be successful this time.

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