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$400, Ocuh!

June 2nd, 2005 at 10:28 am

It's been cloudy/rainy for a few days, so I had to start a fire. I suppose a few pieces of wood is cheaper than a furnace.

I made arrangements to have 2 hazardous trees removed this weekend. It's going to cost $400! Ouch! Last winter, we had a lot of wind. I promised God that if her would prevent the trees from falling during the winter, I would have them removed this summer. Well he kept his end of the bargain, so I must keep mine. When you bargain with God, you better keep your end. Besides, the cost to remove them is cheaper than my deductible should they fall onto the house. I have a few more trees that need to come down; one is leaning towards my daughter's bedroom. But I can get these removed by my worker as there is a place to drop them. I haven't decided if I should also pay him to chop them for fire wood. The wood is just cheap wood, & I'm not sure if the cost is worth it. He does have to chop it small enough to transfer it to a burn pile, so maybe the additional cost of chopping it small enough for the stove is worth it. Maybe I could rent a log spliter to help?

In addition, I will be spending $400 or $500 for wood this week & next week. Two cords are suppose to be delivered this weekend. Boy am I going to be poor this month!

My diet is going good. I started lifting weights & treadmill. The treadmill is easy because I can do it at 5 min intervals. But boy is it hard to keep up with the weights. I absolutely hate the way I feel while I'm working out, but I sure would love the way I'll look if I keep it up.