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I blew it

May 30th, 2005 at 10:37 am

Boy I blew it big time. I spent $400 on a clothes rack, I mean treadmill! If I had any delayed gratification, I would have purchased it at a garage sale. But it is, at least temporarily, giving me delight. It's so neat. I can get on it any time I have 5 min. to spare. Last night I watched a movie, so I used the treadmill for 15 min. while watching. I would have never watched an exercise video for so short a time, or even have gone out for a walk. Besides, I hate exercising in public.

I am going to be saving a gazillion dollars on the walk way I am putting in. Originally I was going to have concrete pored. Instead, I bought 12" brick-weave blocks to lay. Now all I have to pay is for a friend to dig out the dirt & lay them down. I want them flush with the ground. Also have to take out rocks to the bricks don't crack when it's walked on. THe walk way will look prettier at a fraction of the cost.

I'm going to do the same thing with the dog yard. I was originally going to have concrete poured, now I'm just going to lay 12" concrete blocks. I don't have to have them flush with the ground & I don't have to worry about the rocks as the dogs are not heavy enough to crack them. I have to do this as the dogs get too dirty when we have to put them outside. And since they're our sleeping buddies, it's worth the expense to keep the dirt out of our beds. The blocks for the dog yards are cheaper because they don't have to be fancy & the girls can lay them.

My husband has decided to sell one house in CA to pay off his debt & the other house to pay off the mortgages for our home & rental property here. Can't wait til were debt free. Sad that he has to use the house to pay off the debt. If he had just not got the debt in the first place, we would have been in a better place for his retirement that is coming in a few years. But right now, he is a slave to the debt.

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