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Diet Plans

May 27th, 2005 at 03:57 pm

Yippyyyyyyy. The house is now 72 degrees. It was only 67 when I woke up this am.

Didn't have to pick up the girls from school today as they went home with a friend, who will bring them back tonight. Saved me 24 miles in my 16 miles/gallon truck.

This week I decided to start a diet. It seems that the best way to motivate me is to seek revenge. I know, I know, "vengence is mine sayeth the Lord". My goal is to make my husband lust after what he can't have. Maybe tomorrow I will post the "why". I should also mention that my weight has never been a problem for my husband. He says he me just they way I am.

Here is a copy of a post I made today:

I just started a diet, and it seems I can live with it, at least for awhile.

Mostly I have a problem with portion control. So I went to the frozen dinners. I can buy them for $1.00 each. I only eat it for dinner, so thats $7.00 per week.

Soups are generally low cal/fat. The problem is that they are mostly water, so I am hungry soon after. I just bought a lg can of generic vegetable soup. I also bought a head of cabbage. So when I cook it, I going to add some cabbage. The cabbage will stay in my stomach a whole lot longer. You can add any veggies you like.

My second biggest problem is an addition to carbs. To help combat this, I switched to whole grain, which will also stay in my stomach longer. Since it doesn't taste as good as the processed junk, I am less likely to pig out on it.

To the soup, you can also add brown rice. I think my rice cooker is indispensable. Brown rice is very hard to cook, but not in a rice cooker. You can add seasonings to the rice as it cooks. My fav is garlic & herb. & bouilon cubes. If you add enough seasonings, you can do without the fat.

For breakfast, I went to oatmeal. I season it with a little milk & splenda. You can also add cinnamon. You say you don't like oatmeal? Not a problem. If you don't like it, you're not likely to eat more than one serving. You can also us any hot cereal.

Sometimes & eat because I only want a flavor in my mouth & not because I'm hungry. I have found that if I drink 2 c. water with 2 bouilon cubes, I get my flavor & for about 20 min, I feel full. I don't worry about salt because I don't have a blood pressure problem. It does cause you to retain water, but I'm only concerned with fat weight, not water weight. Eventually the water weight will pass. Also, it doesn't hurt me psychologically because I'm not using a scale.

For lunch, I have been eating salads. I just buy the pre-packed stuff. I can get a large bag for $4.00 I think. I only use a very little salad dressing. I just mix it well so that each bite has a little dressing. I also heard that instead of putting salad dressing on the salad, dip your fork into the salad dressing. You use a lot less dressing this way.

For snacks, use fruit or raw veggies.

If you eat something every 2 hours, you are less likely to blow it.

After I eat my greatly reduced meal, I drink 2 c. of water quickly. This gives me the over-stuffed feeling that I seem to crave.

Weekly Cost:

$7.00 for frozen dinners
$2.00 for hot cereal (or less)
$4.00 for premade salad
$4.00 for fruit & veggies.
$2.00 for the extras such as dressing, milk, splenda, etc.

$19.00 for weekly grocery budget for one person.

So in addition to journaling my frugal & budgeting stuff, I'm going to post my progress. I probably won't post my weight loss as I find getting on the scale to be a diet buster. Suffice it to say I'm probably the largest person here. Since I will probably update throughout the day, I just edit my progress.

A big diet pitfall for me is that once I start eating, I can't stop. So if I eat breakfast, it might not be eaten until 3:00pm or something like that. And I might eat dinner before I eat breakfast.

Breakfast: pending
Snack: Naval Orange
Lunch: Stir fry with brown rice & pork & veggies.
Snack: pending
Dinner: pending
Snack: pending
Exercise: 45 min. with free weights

Didn't go anywhere other than taking the girls to school.
Didn't spend any money.

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