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May 25th, 2005 at 09:58 am

My CD renews today. The minimum time is 3 months, & the interest is not good. I'm going to open up on ING account instead. This money isn't really savings. It's money that I need to repair a rental house. My worker only works one day a week, so the work is slow going. So instead of earning only .03% keeping the money in my checking, I will transfer it to an ING account. I will take out money as needed to pay the worker.

I opened a Home Depot credit card for the materials I will need. I got 10% off for the first purchase & one year interest free. So I bought almost $2,000 worth of supplies that I will be needing in the next few months. The money for the supplies will be earning 3% interest while the charges are interest free. So I saved $200 on the 10% discount plus I will earn $60 on the interest and I will get $25 for opening the ING account. I do hate having a debt over me head though.

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