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It's been awhile

February 28th, 2005 at 08:45 pm

It's been awhile since I posted & was active. Have been too busy with other things.

I just got my credit report. It says I'm $30k in credit card debt. Oh well, I can't do anything with the way my husband manages the finances. I can only control myself.

Made 30 h/m burritos for school lunches & snacks from h/m beans. The girls like them & they're cheaper than buying them.

For dinner, we ate chicken & gravy, boiled potatoes, & peas. The potatoes were free from the gleaners club & the peas were homegrown. The chicken was leftovers from the roast chicken we had a few days ago. I had some leftover mashed potatoes, so I added it to the gravy. Tomorrow we're going to have chicken stew from the leftovers. All I need to do is combine everything & add some cooked carrots. From the chicken carcuss, I plan to make chicken soup with h/m noodles. So that will be 4 meals from one chicken. But we'll probably have leftover stew for another meal.

We got cases of salad dressing & chocolate dip from the gleaners. I have been giving it away to people who are needy & to some friends. The girls have been making chocolate milk with the chocolate dip. What's really neat about this is that most of the dressings are in individual packets, so the girls can take them in the lunches with raw veggies. Pretzels work well with them too.

Tomorrow, I hope, I am going to make h/m granola cereal. About a month ago, I quit buying cold cereal. It seemed like that was all we snacked on, and by the time dinner came around, no one was hungry. The girls don't want the granola, but it will be a nice snack for me when I want something sweet. I think they will eventually eat it too.

I have been making h/m snacks for their lunches. They would prefer the processed stuff, but when they grow up, they can eat all the processed stuff they want.

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