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discount shopping

February 20th, 2005 at 03:53 pm

Instead of getting gas at my usual place, I got it on my way to pick up girls from school. It was $0.04 per gallon cheaper. At 20 gallons, I saved $0.80.

Re-order cigarettes on-line. Saved $6.00 per carton. I know, I know I would have saved $19.00 if I didn't have to buy cigarettes. I also order my husband 3 different types of cigarettes that will amount to an additional $6.00 savings. If he likes one of these brands, then I can save even more in the future. If he doesn't like them, he'll smoke what I have bought, and I won't order them any more. Hopefully he likes them.

We were invited to supper at church. Do you know the difference between lunch, supper, and dinner? Lunch would be a sandwich or something similar that you would take to school. Dinner is an evening meal. Supper is a large meal that you would normally have in the evening, but you have it for the afternoon meal. It took me a while to figure this out as we always called "dinner" supper.

DD got grass stains on her white jeans. I put them in a stainless steal pot & added a little laundry soap & dishwasher soap. I used the hot water on the wood stove. Hope this works.

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