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frugal day

February 17th, 2005 at 07:33 pm

watched video that I had rented at the library. The library is too far away just to go to it, so I go when I have to take the girls to church, was is almost right next door. I had rented these last week, but I was gone & couldn't watch them. So I renewed them over the phone today thereby saving potential late fees.

Watered the plants, but the water was too cold (well water) for them, so I warmed it with the hot water from the bucket sitting on the wood stove. That way I didn't have to waste hot water. I used the liquid plant food. It is measured in drops. The little bottle that I have will probably last me my entire life. Probably only cost a few dollars, but I don't remember as I bought it about 5 years ago.

Ate h/m burritos from h/m refried beans for lunch. I have a supply in the freezer. I came up with a recipe that the girls really like. Their friends say they taste like the frozen ones from the store. Sometimes the girls trade their burritos for something else from another child at school. Gives them more variety.

Made chicken vegetable soup from my last chicken carcus for dinner. Used the pressure which probably saved an hour of cooking time. I used the carrots & cabbage that was on the verge of going bad and a 1/3 c. rice.

Washed laundry & hung dry it. It was warm enough to dry the sheets outside. The rest of the clothes I hung in the house. I have to wash on warm water because well water is too cold to activate the laundry soap. I only used about 2 T. of laundry soap because we have a front loader. I don't need fabric softener because hung laundry doesn't have static electricity.

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