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Vet bill

January 31st, 2005 at 01:12 pm

3 of our dogs attacked my precious dog last night while we were at church. Fortunately, they didn't go for blood, but her legs are swollen. I took her to the vet, and since I was going anyway, I took our little male in for his rabbies. The total bill was $52 which included her antibiotics. We use the Humane Society because they're much cheaper. The last time this happened (I didn't know it was our dogs who did it to her), I took her in to the ER about 2:00 am. The bill was $256. This time I recognized the inhjuries, so I waited until this morning to take her. The Humane Society doesn't take after hour emergencies. These charges would have happened regardless if we breed her, so by breeding her, it helps to pay for stuff like this. And with my husband currently living in a different state, she is my best friend.

Let dishwasher soak for one hour after it had released the soap. This way I don't have to use a pre-rinse. I air dried the dishes.

Had to hand wash some dishes, so I used the hot water on the wood stove. I rinsed in cold water & these are air drying.

Washed a load of clothes without using fabric softener & only one maybe two tablespoons of soap. We have a front loader. Hung these to dry.

Getting ready for my trip to Montana. Leaving tomorrow & won't be back until Friday night.

Didn't want to go to market until Saturday, but the Bostons don't have enough food. I'm also going to pick up a puppy shot for the one pup we have left.

I found a recipe for Moist Banana Bread. It uses banana pudding for a filling, and since I have some bananas that r 2 ripe, I make it for the girls for their lunches this week. Normally they don't like banana bread, but I have a feeling they're going to like these. If they don't, I'll just take them to church with me tomorrow.

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