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January 29th, 2005 at 04:32 am

I am making beans from ham bone & y2k beans for dinner tonight. We usually like them over rice. Once the beans r done soaking, I'm going to cook them all day on the wood stove. Otherwise, I would have used the pressure cooker. I plan on freezing some for a later meal.

Water is not running. Sometimes it does & sometimes it doesn't. It seems to run enough to at least fill up the toilets, and even the dishwasher. I have saved 4 gallons, which is on the wood stove to use for washing hands & dishes. I also salvaged a gallong of cold to water the dogs & whatever. I think the UV light is burned out, so I have put a call in for the well man. City water is a lot less hassle, and maybe cheaper too, at least this well.

Rented free movies at the library.

The printer messed up the manuels I had printed for church class. They didn't print both sides on about 3/4 of the book. I brought them back to the printers for correction. Unfortunately I was given the wrong book to make copies, so now the books r messed up. They cost $50 each. Oh well, life has it's up & downs.

Made some old fashion popped pop corn for snack. Added cheese powder for flavoring. Very tasty & cheap.

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