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Frufal tips continued

January 29th, 2005 at 04:13 am

75. When possible, I use the wood stove to heat food. I also keep a tea kettle on to add moisture to the air.

76. I collect the cold water while I am waiting for the hot water to come. I keep this water in a bucket on the wood stove so I always have hot water available.

77. I try to use 1/2 of everything such as shampoo, laundry soap, dish soap, tooth paste, etc.

78. I bought a floor lamp to replace the 2 table lamps. It gives us more light for less wattage.

79. Where possible, I replaced the light bulbs with energy conservation ones. (I forgot what they were called). I also put one on the hen house so we get eggs during the winter.

80. My husband buys stock over the internet & only pays $8 per trade. I might do this with my girls' savings. Who knows, maybe they'll be rich by the time they marry. I'm hoping that they will at least have enough for a down-payment on a house.

81. I keep infrequently used electrical stuff unplugged. 10% of your electric bill is from unused plugs that are plugged in but not turned on. (I learned this from savingadvice.com) I keep the computer turned off when not in use. I turn off the air purifier at night.

82. I use limited time internet, so I get a discount. If I am reading something that is long, I disconnect the internet & restart it when Iím ready.

83. When the power goes out, I unplug the clocks & things until the next time I need them.

84. I close off the upstairs when the girls are not home & the junk room so I donít have to heat them.

85. After the dishwasher starts running for about 10 min, I put it on an hour delay. This lets the dishes soak in hot soapy water so they come out cleaner & I can use less soap.

86. I use plastic containers to store food & put plates on bowls that donít have lids. This way I use less foil & plastic wrap.

87. Use powder milk in baking.

88. Add an extra cup of macaroni to a box of macaroni & cheese to stretch it.

89. Use half the amount of meat in casserole recipes

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