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Saved my $5 & my church $77

January 21st, 2005 at 05:59 pm

I called my cc company to see what the balance was & to make sure my payment was received. Turned out I had a $4.89 balance, so I spoke with the customer service. She told me it was the interest charge even though I had paid my balance in full. Without eve asking, she gave me a credit & now I have no balance.

My church asked me to get 4 workbooks copied. The told me the price was $40 each. When printer (Staples) called me to tell me they were ready, I asked them how much was due. They told me $277. When I picked them up, I asked the lady how come it was so much, as the last time we had them printed, it was only $40 each. She did some re-figuring, & only charged us $199. Can't wait to tell the Pastor.

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